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Terms and Condition

  1. I hereby submit my Application & Agreement Form to become an Independent Retailer/ User, (herein referred to as "Business Partner") with CrownLifestyle.Net products and services (hereinafter referred to as "Company").
  2. The CrownLifestyle.Net Policies and Procedures and the CrownLifestyle.Net Marketing Plan are both integrated and be made part of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The term "Agreement" is understood to mean the Independent Retailer/ User Application and Agreement Form, the CrownLifestyle.Net Policies and Procedures and the CrownLifestyle.Net Marketing Plan.
  3. Signing this application means that I approved becoming an Independent Retailer/User of the Company and that this Agreement becomes effective on the date of acceptance by the company either thru original hardcopy, facsimile, or email of scanned copy of this Agreement for me to be officially considered as a CrownLifestyle.Net Business Partner. If the company does not receive it, I understand that this Agreement will be cancelled. I also agree that my signature on the facsimile transmittal or emailed scanned copy, shall constitute as my original signature. Online and facsimile applications must include both front and back of this Agreement.
  4. As a Business Partner of the Company, I am privileged to participate in the sales and distribution of the Company's goods and receive bonuses and commissions in accordance with the Company's Marketing Plan.
  5. As a Business Partner of the Company, I am an independent contractor, not an agent, employee, or franchisee of the Company. I am fully aware that there are no employeeemployer relationship exists between me and the Company. I understand and fully agree that I will pay all the applicable income taxes, selfemployment taxes, local taxes and/or local license fees that may arise as a result of my undertakings embodied under this Agreement.
  6. I accept and agree that my compensation will include solely of bonuses and commissions as provided in the CrownLifestyle Marketing Plan from the sale of Crown Lifestyle products and services.
  7. As a Business Partner, I shall observe proper conduct and behavior and maintain ethical standards of the highest quality in the conduct of my CrownLifestyle.Net business. I shall not engage in any illegal practice in the course of my business and shall not deceit, fraud, schemes and designs that would put the company in bad light. Should such circumstance or event which would constitute or result in deceitful and fraudulent practice and transactions in my business, my association or participation with CrownLifestyle.Net shall be automatically cancelled and shall hold the company harmless and free from any liability or claim of whatsoever nature and kind. I also agree to abide by the Company Code of Ethics and I am submitting myself to the consequences as stipulated in said Code of Ethics.
  8. I agree that I am not guaranteed any commissions/bonus, nor am I assured of any profit or success. I am free to set my own hours and determine, identify and establish my own area of activities of sales and methods of selling, as determined by the parameters of this Agreement. I also agree that I am responsible for my own expenses in relation to this business partnership.
  9. I certify that neither the Company nor my sponsor has made any claims of guaranteed earnings or representations of anticipated earnings that might result from my work as Business Partner. I also understand that my success as a Business Partner emanates from the sales, services, and development of my own marketing network.
  10. I agree to the Company's methodology of employing the Pooling Concept (Indexing Method) to compute the real value of Pairing Bonuses generated in a day for the Independent Retailer Business Starter Pack Sales. This is to ensure the stability of the CrownLifestyle.Net Marketing Plan compensation.
  11. I agree to my responsibility to comply with the minimum monthly maintenance referral, in order to receive my sales override commissions, rebates, and bonuses.
  12. I agree to the Company's Price Protection Policy of not selling CrownLifestyle.Net products below the suggested retail price as set by the Company (refer to company policy memo re. price protection) - otherwise I will be subjected to severe disciplinary action, possible termination, and legal action.
  13. I agree to abide by the Company's Return Product Policy and will abide by and conform to its stipulated rules, restrictions, and regulation.
  14. I am aware and agree that CrownLifestyle.Net is not in any way liable for noncollections and nonremittance of such collections made by me, and the nondelivery of product orders made by my personal costumers and members of my downline organization.
  15. I agree that the Company may make amendments or modification to this Agreement at its sole discretion, and that all such changes may be binding upon me. All changes to the Agreement shall become effective upon release of official Company publication.
  16. I agree that this Agreement does not include the sale of a franchise, and that there are no exclusive territories granted to anyone.
  17. The terms of this Agreement is for a lifetime.
  18. I agree to indemnify and hold the Company harmless and free from any claims, damages, and expenses, including attorney's fees, arising out of my actions or conduct, and that of my employees and agents. This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.
  19. All dispute and claims relating to CrownLifestyle.Net, the Business Partner Agreement, The CrownLifestye.Net Marketing Plan or its products or services, the rights and obligations of an independent Retailer/User and CrownLifestyle.Net or any other claims or causes of action relating to the performance of either an independent Retailer/User or CrownLifestyle.Net under this Agreement shall be settled totally and finally by an Arbitration Committee to be established by the Company in Manila Philippines. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties. Each party to the arbitration shall be responsible for his own costs and expenses of arbitration, including legal and filling fees. This agreement of arbitration shall survive any terminations or expiration of this agreement.
  20. I shall be subject to sanctions as specified in the Code of Ethics and the Company's Policies and Procedure, for the violation or breach of any term or provision of this Agreement. Upon the voluntary or involuntary cancellation of this Agreement, I shall lose and expressly waive, any and all rights, including property rights to my previous downline organization, and to any bonus, commission or other compensation arising from the sales generated by me or my prior downline organization.
  21. The Company shall be entitled to deduct and offset from my commissions, bonuses, or any other money payable to me, any amounts pay due and unpaid for purchases of Company products and services, or any other money owned to the Company by me.
  22. I acknowledge that I have read this Agreement, fully understood the same and agree to abide and be bound by the terms contained herein.